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Move over Turkey Leg, Meet the Pork Shank

The Pork Shank

Lenny DeGeorge, executive chef for concept design, and Maribeth Bisienere, VP Food & Drink at Walt Disney World, discuss the park’s newest hand-held food treat – The Pork Shank at Gastons.

The succulent treat is prepared with simple seasonings of salt and pepper and slow roasted for 3 hours. Clocking in at 22 ounces, the portion size will leave you, or your whole table, satisfied. The pork shank is definitely a treat all on its own, it’s not dry by any means, but if you like a little sauce, stop by Cosmic Ray’s and pick up a packet of BBQ sauce before visiting Gaston’s.

The Pork Shank’s popularity has exceeded even Disney’s wildest dreams, over 3000 were sold on its first day and guests have been known to line up at 9am to get their hands on one. If you’ve sampled the pork shank, what did you think? Did it rival the traditional themepark treat, the Turkey Leg?

2 thoughts on “Move over Turkey Leg, Meet the Pork Shank”

  1. i really thought it was the BEST!!
    my wife and i make that our first stop at the park.
    also the frozen apple juice with marshmellow topping is a great drink!!
    thanks again!!!

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