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The Kinsey Collection Comes to EPCOT in 2013

A few years ago Disney remodeled the gallery inside the American Pavilion at EPCOT so they could host some world class attractions. It’s a small space, but I’ve been impressed which what they’ve used it for so far. A new exhibit will be coming in late winter 2013. It will share the American story of determination, courage, hope, struggle and inspiration through more than 40 pieces of art, artifacts, books, sculptures and documents.

These items are part of the Kinsey collection of personal treasures of African-American art and history, amassed from their travels to 90 countries by the Kinsey family and dating back to the 17th century. The Kinsey Collection is the intersection where art and history meet, a virtual history book opened wide, giving voice to untold stories of accomplishment and contribution. After previews during African-American Heritage Month in February, the Kinsey Collection is scheduled to open in March 2013. The Kinsey Collection, at the American Heritage Gallery, will be included in Epcot admission.

Seen at top: Untitled, 1951 by artist Hughie Lee-Smith. (credit: Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Collection)