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Wreck-It Ralph T-Shirt Giveaway!

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Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph opens this week, and you should be dressed for it (note: this prize package won’t reach you in time so please plan accordingly regarding other clothing options). That is why The Disney Blog is giving away two (2) t-shirts for your shirt-wearing enjoyment.

You can win one Wreck-It Ralph shirt AND one Vanellope Von Schweetz shirt (as pictured) in adult sizes (S-XL) by telling us about your favorite video game experience in the comments below.

Entries close at 11:59 p.m. PST on Oct. 31 (spooky!) and one winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying comments. Please note, email is required, but please leave it in the space provided and not in the public comment box (for your own privacy). The winner must live in the U.S. or Canada and will receive only one prize pack regardless of how many times they may win this contest across various participating sites. Winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to respond and claim their prize. Failure to respond will result in another winner being picked.

Wreck-It Ralph opens Nov. 2, but you can get your fix now (see what I did there?) at the official Wreck-It Ralph website. You can also follow Wreck-It Ralph on Twitter and the Facebook that all the kids are doing.

72 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph T-Shirt Giveaway!”

  1. A few of my favorite video game experiences are.

    1.) Having to look up the Codec code for Metal Gear Solid 2 on the outside of the game cartridge. There were several other moments during the game that played with your sanity and made you think it was more than just a game.

    2.) The first time I grabbed the yellow cap in Super Mario Brothers 3.

    3.) The first time I beat M Bison in Street Fighter 2.

  2. I’ll go recent with mine, my favorite as of late is watching my boys play Minecraft. I love watching them learn how to build, then evolve their skills over time as they started with just random placing of doors and blocks and then evolved their building skills to the point that their layouts are now well thought out, their buildings now have windows, multiple rooms and floors, etc. I get to watch them learn and grow while they have fun.

  3. I think for many of us our favorites moments will come from our childhood. 2 memories pop to my mind with that question.

    First, would be me waking up every morning around 6 – 7 AM. Running to my parents bedroom. To wake up my fathers so we could play our NES together. He would usually play with me for a while, then lay on the couch and let me play. For months, I would play while he would watch. Till I finally realized that he was actually sleeping the whole time and mumbling thing when I was talking to him :p

    Another one would be, me and my brother in the quest to finish Super Marios Bros. 3 After severals hours of playing it, we were reaching the end. Our hope all high of finally finishing this game, we then get interrupted because it is time to go eat ( we were going out that night ). Because you couldn’t save with a NES, we just let the game on Pause… Several hours, when we came back. We were greeted to the screen of our NES, frozen. The whole system had crashed on us. We had to get a replacement for it and to this day, I never reached the end of that game lol.

    That’s it for me !

  4. I used to play a game very similar to Wreck-It Ralph growing up. It was Beauty and the Beast where you had to scale the side of a building to rescue someone. You had to avoid opening and closing windows, as well as birds and other obstacles. Wreck-It Ralph’s game on the iPad and iPhone brings back fond memories of my time playing on the Intellivision.

  5. My favorite experience would have to be the first time I ever played Super Mario 64, holding that weird controller for the first time and yet having it feel so right. And seeing the impressive way how I could move Mario around in 360 degrees. The game was so immersive and seeing how amazing the level of detail was(for the times). And how it was such a true leap forward for connecting the player to the game and having the game come alive before my very eyes. It was a beautiful and wonderful time in the gaming industry, and I’ll never forget firing up the Nintendo 64 and seeing that spinning N for the first time followed by “Its-a me! Mario!” :)

  6. When we finally were able to take custody of our oldest son (LOOONG story) he was in a lock down unit at the hospital and one of the evening routines was free time. We would visit in the evening and they had a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. He didn’t know how to play either game, really, since he was only 5 year old. But we played with him and the following week when custody shifted and he came to live with us we got a Nintendo 64 with those two games. We never really got good at Super Mario 64, but my wife and I would play Mario Kart 64 for hours with him. Then after he went to bed the two of us would play.

  7. My favorite video game memory is back in the late 80s, my brother and friends would gather together our TVs and Nintendo 8-bit consoles and have Super Mario Bros. races. Pizza, candy, good friends and Mario. Doesn’t get better than that!

    That, and up down up down left right left right B A. I will NEVER forget that.

  8. I remember playing Lion King on the Sega Genesis! Such an awesome game…wish I still had it and the Sega Genesis! :)

  9. My favorite video game experience was when I received my first nintendo 8 bit video game system. I got the chance to spend the whole summer night playing video games with friends including the amazing trio of Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt and World Class Track meet.

  10. Thanks for the contest! My favorite VG experience definitely has to be when I discovered the Monkey Island series of games back when I was in middle school. I fell in love with adventure and puzzle gaming then, and still love them now. :)

  11. My favorite video game memory is when I was a kid in the early 90’s. Every day after school all the kids in my neighborhood would me up at the corner liquor store and play Street Fighter all afternoon. It got very intense we all wanted to be the Champion and not be defeated by no one. Those days were the best jajaja. A short time after came Nintendo at home and it was over. We took the competition from the arcade to home.

  12. Finally beating Zelda: Ocarina of time on 64. It remains to me the single greatest video game ever created. Defined epic.

  13. I remember my uncle introducing me to his Atari 2600. The television was a passive machine, where you would just watch it. Now I as a kid could control what was on the tv! I think the first game I played was pac-mam but that might not have been the very first game. That led to my parents buying an Apple IIc for me who began programming games at a young age and now I’m a software developer.

    Now most of my best video game moments are with friends playing games like Rock Band, but that’s more for the social interaction. Nothing can top that amazement I first experienced years ago. It blows my mind that I have better technology in my house than even Disney used years ago. Love playing Kinect Disneyland and just strolling around the park…

  14. My fondest video game memory would have to be one christmas, when my brother brought his gamecube and Resident Evil 4 to the family gathering. The entire family, including my grandparents all sat around the TV and took turns playing and screaming as we watched whoever had the controller try their best to not die at the hands of the zombie hordes. It was a really intresting family bonding experience, and some of the most fun with games that I can remember.

  15. Lora croft, I like the graphics and I like the adventure and you can go back to chapters and search for all the relics.
    Resident evil 4 and 5 are great games too and I like searching for the medallions and well slashing zombies is always fun.
    Thanks for the chance!

  16. Keystone Capers on the Atari 2600. I played it until I got the high score available for a prize via snail mail and a picture of the screen. I took 3 pictures, developed them, only to find out the camera would not take pictures of the TV. Uggh. Still love that game…

    can’t wait to see wreck-it ralph..

  17. The ONLY video game I EVER finished was Disney’s Tarzan: the Action game [on pc]. I don’t know if was the storyline, the music, -or just the fact that it was so easy even I could finish it- I played and completed that game probably ten times. I haven’t picked up another game since; however, completing Tarzan was my crowning achievement in the video game world.

  18. I’m not great at video games, but I’ve always loved the old classics like Pac Man! Wreck-It Ralph seems like it’s very similar to that style of game, so it will probably make my list of favorites once I get the chance to play it.

    My little brother and I also really love to play Monopoly on the Wii together. Even though there’s a 15 year difference between us, it’s a game we can both enjoy. He likes to play Mario Kart with me, but that’s only because I’m terrible at it.

    Temple Run: Brave on my iPhone is also really fun- simple, so I can actually play it!

    (It’s my 23rd birthday on Saturday so you should totally pick me.)

  19. I remember when Nintendo first came out and my brother and I sat on stools in front of the TV playing Duck Hunt all day.

  20. Watching my dad constantly try to beat my Tetris score when I was younger. Ten years later and he only recently just beat it!

  21. My favorite video game experience was playing Pong in the lobby of the Lakewood movie theater. It was simple, black & white and amazing.

  22. My favorite memory is having an “who could stay up the longest playing Super Mario Bros.” Contest on the NES with my dad.

  23. My favorite video game moment has to be winning Super Mario Bros. I played the game so often and when I finally won it felt like I accomplished something. I think I was seven when this happened.

  24. One of my favorite gaming experiences was when I got my NES for the first time ever. It was Christmas Eve, and I woke up to go to the bathroom. When I go out of my room, I hear my parents laughing and some noise coming from the TV. I look up and call for them. I asked them what they were doing, and they told me that Santa had left the present behind and they were testing it to see if it worked. Being innocent and naive, I believed them and went back to bed. The next morning, knowing what to expect, I begin to play Super Mario Bros. on the NES, and I knew from that moment on that I would be a gamer for life.

  25. My favorite Video Game Moments are:
    1. In 1993 the 7th Guest was the first game I had ever gotten that truly drew me into its world. The puzzles were very difficult and the game was spooky as can be.
    2. Getting one of the very first Dreamcast Systems on 09-09-99 and being amazed at what it could do. Soul Caliber and Hydrothunder were arcade quality but at home! At the time it was so cutting edge. Super Monkey Ball and Crazy Taxi are still some of my all time favorite games.
    There are tons of other great memories and can’t wait to see the movie on Friday!

  26. My favorite game moment is actually another game movie called The Wizard with Fred Savage, it caused me to remember the hours of playing super Mario 3 on the Nes, finding the warp whistles and generally having a good time.

  27. My favorite video game experience was playing Final Fantasy XIII. Although, it does not have the best reputation and I admit it does get off to a slow start, I became absolutely entranced in that world and the characters. The story was captivating and the graphics & scenery were breathtaking! I not only finished the game, but also obtained a platinum trophy for completing all the tasks; a memory which will stay with me forever! It was 120 hours of my life and I cherished every second of it!

  28. Of all the memories I have from playing video games, I think one that sticks out the most is playing the original Silent Hill video game.

    I’ve always been a night owl, and that’s when I would do most of my ‘serious’ gaming. I thought I’d be REAL smart and add to the ambiance of the game while playing it in a pitch dark room with only the television lighting the entire room. Boy was I wrong. As I got deeper and deeper into the game and I became totally invested in the storyline, the character, and the ‘horror aspect’ of it all, I began having to check the dark corners of the room and had to make sure the door was locked. It really had me questioning myself as the late night hours drew on. Soon enough I was setting up objects that would crash, bang, or make noise around the room so I didn’t have to keep checking on myself. It’s silly to think back on it now, but back then, I was hooked!

  29. I remember playing space invaders in the first days of video games. It was the start of a whole new world of games.

  30. The best gaming experience was when MarioKart 64 came out and my friends and I would hold tournaments every Friday. We would race for the 1st half and then we would play battlemode for the rest of the night. I swear this game was the longest I’ve ever kept a video game in my library because it was just that fun. This was my best arcade gaming experience!

  31. One of my favorite video game experiences was when I was dating my now husband. He had an old Super Nintendo and we would play Tetris Attack on it together. He would always beat me and I became obsessed with the game. One day I was sick so he brought over his Super Nintendo and hooked it up at my house. I played the game for like 5 days straight and now 9 years later I still beat him every time. Haha!

  32. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames)

    When I got my driver’s license, I got to take my little brother to movies and pizza and we would always spend some time playing arcade video games. I would play Kangaroo and he would play Donkey Kong.

  33. I saved up all of my chore money to purchase Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo. I felt so proud to own that game and I played it for hours at a time. I still have it, and now my kids play it on my original Nintendo. I love having the memories from my childhood spill over to my own children!

  34. My favorite memory was when we got the action pad thing for Nintendo (I can’t even remember what it’s called now) but it was the big mat you put on the floor and then you could run and jump on it. I remember playing it with my parents and thinking how cool it was to see them do it too!

  35. We used to have a video game system at my grandparent’s house that hooked up directly to the television…this was way before we had a Nintendo at home. My little brother and I would play on that thing all the time while my grandparents competed with us. It was such fun! Recently, my grandfather died, and we found the old system up in the attic….hooked it up for old times sake in memory of him. :)

  36. I loved waiting for Halo 2 to come out at midnight and playing it all night and beating it school the next morning!

  37. Favorite childhood video game? Hands down, Super Mario Kart. I never owned a video game console myself when I was little but my cousins did and every time my brother and I went over to their house we would always play. I lost most of the time. But I blame the fact that I was the youngest!

    Sigh. Good times… I was always Yoshi :)

  38. Actually I am a video game lamo so I don’t play many games. Pretty much the only game I didn’t suck at or lose all the time was Tetris.

  39. My favorite game experiences are the times when I was young and played at Chuck E. Cheese (when it was all about Centipdede and Frogger for me)! A close second is when they brought Flynn’s arcade to California Adventure, especially the night we celebrated a birthday there with everyone playing in teams!

  40. My favorite video game experience is how it used to be.:
    No internet telling you how to cheat. Nor an app cheating for yo
    .When you would get together with neighborhood kids, family, friends would play. You would learn things by.spending time with each other

  41. My favourite game experience was playing Little Big Planet with my best friend and his brother. The game had stickers that you go stick everywhere you go, so we always stuck feathers on each others characters, which amused all of us. :)

  42. Always loved Centipede as a kid. Have to say my favorite gaming memory is playing Disney computer games with my daughters when they were younger. :)

  43. When i got my first nintendo and played Mario bros 3 for the first time. Blew me away as a kid! I remember going with my mom to sears to get it for Christmas. Played the heck out of mario. Id always rush home from school to play it Also was the time i started collecting nintendo power. The only way to get a secret out of the game. :)

  44. My favorite experience would have to be when I first played Super Smash Bros. 64. It was for a contest, and I won a t-shirt and $20 gift certificate. I spent it that day on Super Smash Bros. I loved it that much.

  45. One year for Christmas our family gift was a Super Nintendo. Of course I got the most use out of it. I remember waking up early to play Donkey Kong and being so intense about beating certain levels that when I lost I would eat a cookie and restrategize, then try again. My favorite hobbies became jumping on armadillos, swinging from ropes and riding in mine carts. Only in the game of course. ;)

  46. My best memories of arcade games…we had an Aladdin’s Castle arcade in the mall back in the 80’s. The most popular games they would setup an additional monitor on top of the console so people in the back of the crowd could watch the action. Dragon’s Lair, Galaga, Space Ace, Rampage, Qbert, Ms. Pac Man… those were my favorites.

  47. My husband and I love playing video games together and we usually buy specific one’s that we know we can do that with. It’s a good way for us to have fun together and do something we both love. We haven’t found one lately, I think the last one was Heavenly Sword, but hopefully seeing Wreck It Ralph will make up for that.

  48. We never had any video games growing up, but friends of our parents did. We would go over for dinner and my sister and I would head to the basement and play Atari games. Hunt the wumpus was awesome! TI invaders was another favourite.

  49. I am an 80’s kid who grew up during around the time classic games like Pac-Man, Super Mario and Galaga were first introduced. But my favorite was Q-Bert. Shortly after I bought my PS3, I downloaded Q-Bert and played all of the time. My husband would make fun of me and say “I can’t believe you bought a PS3 to play Q-Bert!” I love the classics! Good times!

  50. when I was six years old, Super Mario Bros. 3 had just been released, and my parents bought it… for themselves! With the help of Game Genie for infinite lives, the television in the living room remained glued to the game for six months (I mean they never once turned it off for fear of restarting), until my dad finally beat the game. I’ll always remember that time because there was no watching TV for that whole period, and my brother and I were allowed to play levels here and there, so we learned a lot about how to get past some of the trickier sections, as my parents had done so first!

  51. It was 1978 and I lived behind Florida Institute of Technology. Living next door to my family were 4 college engineer geeks. One day they asked if I wanted to go to the mall. As if you needed to ask that question to a 17 year old girl. I loaded all of us up in my parents land Yacht and off we went for the 45 minute drive to the Merritt Square Mall. Upon arriving they made a bee-line for an arcade. I followed, not too sure what this mall trip was about. I soon found out. It was about SPACE INVADERS! What was this strange game and why is it so addicting? We closed the mall down and I’ve been addicted ever since. Best day ever!

  52. I’m not much of a gamer, but my 12-year-old son is currently getting all retro and playing Gauntlet Dark Legacy on the Gamecube. He helped me create a character (Blue Sorceress) and I love it when the narrator says “Blue Sorceress needs food badly.” :)

  53. I have lots of gaming experiences but the one I remember the most involve my dad and chuck e cheese. I can remember so vividly dropping quarters into a Galaga machine with my dad on the controls and I banging on the ‘fire’ button. Occasionally my dad would let me control the ship and it was awesome. When I would put the last quarter we had sitting on the screen in and play that last game, I can remember feeling upset until he pulled out another handful with a big smile on his face.

    I am fortunate to have lots of wonderful memories with my dad, but these images are the ones I always go back to and the ones I try and create with my kids.

  54. My favorite video game experiences were probably on my N64. In particular, Mario Party with my sister and cousins never failed to disappoint. One particular game of it on a Christmas was particularly close, and my entire family teamed up against me to secure my place in 2nd rather than 1st. It was the first time I lost and it wasn’t the last :D

  55. My favorite gaming experience is the first time I finished the Mickey Mouse Prince and the Pauper on the Super Nintendo, it was the first game that i ever finished and I felt such a great sense of accomplishment.

  56. My favourite video game experience came the first time I played Doom head to head against another person online. It was so cool to be playing against someone not in the same room :)

  57. My favorite video game experience would probably have 2 b playing Pokemon 4 hours & hours on my Gameboy cause that was a game 1 could never get tired of

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