Imagineers excited about Country Bear Jamboree Makeover

Country Bears

The much missed Country Bears Christmas Show

I have not yet made it out to see the revised Country Bear Jamboree show for myself. Because of that, I’m keeping away from what other people are saying about the changes. However, I know that the show is shortened, many characters have a new look about them, and some of the songs are in new places. I did, however, watch this video from the Imagineers who worked on the Bears rehabilitation project. They certainly appear to be earnest in their desire to improve the attraction.

I guess I’ll have to judge for myself when I make it out on Saturday. What is your favorite part of the Country Bears and do you think Disney should be updating shows like this or leave it as a classic?

3 thoughts on “Imagineers excited about Country Bear Jamboree Makeover”

  1. Here is to hoping that they REALLY do improve it this time. If you recall, it isn’t all that long since the last overhaul of the attraction and that was decidedly lackluster. Just updating the animatronics would be wonderful, rather than having such old and jerky movement. The bears are meant to seem to be real, but this long neglected attraction has seemed more like a parody of a Disney attraction for a long time.

    Fingers crossed!

  2. When determining whether or not Disney’s overhaul of this attraction is a positive change, it’s important to note whether or not some of the “updates” to the show are actually improvements. For example, can we really say that shortening the show is actually an improvement? Has rearranging the songs improved or harmed the show in any way? What was the idea behind doing this? How does the new costuming stack up against the original costuming, is it an improvement? Is it aesthetically consistent? These are some of the questions we should be asking ourselves when judging the changes to the show.
    And one personal note: a potential feature of the updated show that I’m disappointed wasn’t implemented was adding random variation to the order of the show’s songs. In addition to mixing up the show and increasing re-rideability, it also would have better compensated for a shortened show if we wouldn’t actually be losing any of the numbers, but they would instead be swapped in and out with each show.

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