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Pixar Exile Brenda Chapman Speaks

Brenda Chapman recently announced she had left Pixar for new career opportunities, include some consulting at Lucasfilm. As we stated previously, we wish her luck in her future work. Despite being removed from the Director role on Brave, a movie and story she created, Chapman stayed at Pixar for another 18 months and helped see the film through to become a box office success.

Chapman has begun to open up about these last 18 months, first in an interview for Amazon, then in an opinion piece that was published at

“When Pixar took me off of “Brave” – a story that came from my heart, inspired by my relationship with my daughter – it was devastating,” said Chapman. She also says, “I am developing some of my own projects right now, and considering whether to pitch them to a studio or try a more independent approach. I’m also considering offers to develop and direct at a couple of studios. I’m taking it slow–I’ve been enjoying my down time with my family.”

Brave continues to do well at the Box Office with over $408 million worldwide and $229 domestically. I’m sure someone of Chapman’s talent and experience will be wanted somewhere.