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Could HGTV, Food Network, and The Travel Channel be joining the Disney fold?

Disney fans are you ready to add brings like HGTV, Food Network, and the Travel channel to the portfolio? Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood reports that the word on the street is Disney will purchase Scripps Networks, which owns those popular cable brands and more.

If you’ve been paying close attention you’ll recall that HGTV has been a sponsor at the Flower & Garden festival for the last few years and they’ve been working on other projects as well (like the FrankenWeenie promotion at Comic-Con and “My Yard Goes Disney” TV show).

The thinking goes that Disney needs to add some female supported network channels to its catalog to help balance the male dominated ESPN side. You know, just in case guys ever stop watching sports, they have something to fall back on in cable TV. It might also help Disney finally put together enough momentum to launch a real cable news channel instead of that crap they have now.

Disney may also be attracted to the low cost, high profit potential, a strong cable channel attracts. ESPN has been enormously profitable by demanding high fees and attracting lots of advertising dollars. Adding the Scripps Network shows to that deal would give Disney more leverage and the potential for more cash.

Can you imagine a Food Network sponsored EPCOT Food & Wine Festival? Someone make that happen.

What do you think? Would you recommend this deal to Bob Iger?

10 thoughts on “Could HGTV, Food Network, and The Travel Channel be joining the Disney fold?”

  1. Dr. Nigel Channing

    One would be forgiven if they thought Disney already owned those channels — what with all the Disney Yard shows, Disney-themed cake decorating contests, etc. etc. etc. :-)

  2. I’m a big Disney fan (obs) and a big HGTV fan. So Mr. Iger should put “one very happy Melissa” in the plus column for this deal.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth. HGTV, Food, and Travel are basically all I watch anyway and tying them into Epcot could be a nice little boost to that park.

  4. I want these to be part of the Disney company for one reason, and one reason only…Samantha Brown could be named a Disney Legend.

    1. Hey, Disney bought the Muppets and made Jim Henson a Disney Legend! So it could work!

      This story originates from

      Don’t know if Disney actually IS in talks to buy Scripps, or it’s just an analyst saying they SHOULD buy it. But Disney adding to their cable portfolio with these sort of niche, yet popular family-friendly networks would be quite a step. And Disney owning The Travel Channel. Hello.

  5. “The analyst’s conclusion appears to be based on the logic of a deal, not inside information that a transaction is in the works.”

    No where in the article does it say this is “word on the street,” merely an analyst speculating. However, it would be interesting to see this happen.

    Reminds me a lot of the AMC rumors a few months ago though. The more I think about Disney and Scripps though, the more I want this to be real.

  6. This deal would be a great move for Disney. ESPN’s most glaring drawback has always been that it lacks strong opportunities to extend the core Disney entertainment brand. The Scripps-owned channels are overflowing with potential in this area.

  7. Disney already has a pretty cozy relationship with Travel Channel star Samantha Brown – they’ve been using her on the holiday parade shows for several years to do segments to promote the Disney travel destinations, and she’s also been given very good access to do specials for Travel Channel. I seem to remember she even did a behind-the-scenes one about the christmas preparations a few years back.

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