Disney Family Deals – Disney Groupon?

Late last month a new website appeared as part of the Disney Family suite. DisneyFamilyDeals.com claims to be the official source to find special offers on Disney products and experiences. Such as fantastic offers on Disney toys, vacations, clothing, collectibles, music, videos, and more!

There were a flurry of posts on their Facebook and Twitter channels, then silence.

I’d love for this to be a Groupon type arrangement or even for flash sales and not just a clearing house for extra products. Anyone have more insight?

5 thoughts on “Disney Family Deals – Disney Groupon?”

  1. I just received an email today from the “ParentPulse” opinion panel regarding this. The email had a link to sign up for Disney Family Deals flash emails, once it is up and running. Of course, I signed up!

  2. Bring back Disney Auctions. I am fine with it being a clearing house for extra stuff, And if it is flash deals, I hope it won’t be the Limited Edition Princess Doll debacle.

  3. Can anyone tell me if they have ever ordered from this site.I have but there does not seem to be an avenue for tracking

  4. Charlene, I ordered on Sept 12th and have not received my merchandise yet. I just shot them an email, because you are right there is NO tracking info. Not even a confirmation # on the confirmation email. Hmmmmm….they’re making me worry.

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