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Brave Strong At Box Office On Second Weekend

Congrats to the team at Pixar whose Brave continued to have a strong showing at the box office in its second weekend. It came in third behind two new movies, both targeted at adult audiences. As the most recent kids film, it lost less than 50% of its first weekend numbers, which is usually a good sign a film has legs. On Friday it earned $10.5M, Saturday $13.4M, and $35.5M for the weekend in total. Cumulative domestic box office is now $132.2M. Add in foreign grosses and it’s now $158M.

Brave continues on a trajectory toward over $200 million at the domestic box office. I still know Disney and animation fans who haven’t seen Brave yet. Now is definitely the time to go see it while it still is playing in the larger theaters. If you haven’t seen Brave in theaters yet, are you planning to and if not, why not?