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More details on Dumbo the Flying Elephant Twin Spinners

We recently took a tour of the new interactive play area that makes up the interior queue of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Both sides are now regularly soft-testing with the interior queue opening on an as needed basis. One more step closer to Storybook Circus opening completely.

As you can see above, the only wall remaining at Dumbo is in front of a Mural at the ‘entrance’ to the tent. You actually enter the tent from the sides.

The iconic attraction was inspired by “Dumbo,” the 1941 animated Disney feature film about a baby circus elephant born with huge ears. Dumbo and his mother suffer the taunts of other elephants and circus guests. But humiliation turns to triumph when Dumbo is surprised to discover, with the help of his faithful mouse friend, Timothy, that he can use the oversized ears to fly.

Both Dumbos feature shiny new red and gold colors (inspired by ’50s- and ’60s-era tin toys), beautiful newly-created signature illustrations from Disney animators and a new water feature circling the base of both attractions – a first for Dumbo.

The two Dumbos are connected to a new “big top” area (open limited hours in this soft-testing phase) allowing guests to immerse themselves in circus lore in a series of fun, interactive experiences before their spin with their favorite circus elephant.

I love this little touch by the side of the queue.

Guests receive a circus ticket pager that virtually holds their place and notifies them when it’s their turn to board either Dumbo. In the meantime, fun-filled games and experiences are theirs to enjoy – in air-conditioned comfort. Guests electing the FASTPASS option bypass the tent en route to their flight with Dumbo. Keep in mind that you have you pick up your fastpass ticket over at Philharmagic.

With both spinners running Dumbo will now be able to handle crowds twice as large as before, or move typical crowds twice as fast. That should take Dumbo from being a must ride early in the morning to something you can fit in two or three times a day with judicious use of fastpass.

Note that the distribution now includes a look at standby wait time so you can judge which attraction you want to experience without walking over to check it out yourself.

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  1. Wow.. they have done an amazing job of updating and improving the ride as well as the entire ride experience. I only wish they had the sense to do this for the other classic rides instead of tearing them down.

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