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Brave Fires Right On Target for PIxar

Pixar’s Brave took home over $66.7 million at the box office this weekend continuing the 13 movie streak of first place debuts for the Emeryville animation studio. This was slightly above what most analysts were targeting for Pixar’s first princess film placing it on a trajectory to surpass $200 million at the domestic box office, which is better than Cars 2 did. It was also the fifth best opening for a Pixar film, not too shabby.

Of course, where Brave ends up depends a lot on word of mouth at this point. The people I’ve spoken with who’ve seen the movie have liked it. They just feel like it wasn’t quite what they’re used to from a Pixar film. This is more along the lines of what they’d expect from Disney.

I’m not sure I’d disagree with that statement, but I think that speaks more for how much progress Disney made with Tangled and The Princess and The Frog than any slide in quality on Pixar’s part. It took Pixar to make the fairytale where the heroine is able to solve her problems without a prince, I think this will actually free up Disney a bit in the future when it decides to return to fairytales.

I went back and saw Merida and her family a second time and came away loving the film even more. It’s not a complicated tale, but neither was Snow White or Aladdin or any Disney princess film up to that point. I’m not a believer that complex storytelling is required, just good storytelling.

If you saw Brave this weekend, what did you like about the film?