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Changes at Kilimanjaro Safari Ride

Tilt-shift savannah - click to embiggen

Disney recently announced that Zebras would be moving to a new Savannah on Kilimanjaro Safari. The change has meant the end of the ‘poacher’ storyline and a lot more time for guests to take pictures while driving about.

Construction is now well underway in the last section of ride. I was able to take the following video this morning so you can see the progress for yourself:

There were a couple more changes out on the savannah, which I’ve documented below:

They are running a video in the queue again, it appears to be the original video and still talks about poachers being a big problem.

The termite mounds (Disney versions of them, at least) have been painted with a more earthy tone.

A lot of the vegetation on the ride has been thinned. I’m not sure if this was intentional or through natural attrition, but a lot of off-track structures are much more visible these days. Including this tower for the Wild Africa Trek.

There is one benefit to the Wild Africa Trek… a lot more animals are out of the savannah together.

All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing how the ride works with the new Zebra Watering hole. What do you think?