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Preview New Tow Mater Animated Short Featuring Cars Land from DCA

The world created by Pixar for the Cars movies is the creative inspiration for the 12 acre expansion at DCA known as Cars Land, which is chiefly composed of Radiator Springs, the town from the Cars movies. To help promote Cars Land Pixar has animated a new short featuring the lovable character Tow Mater who has to travel back through time to save Radiator Springs from disappearing.

Here’s a little preview of the short “Time Travel Mater”:

“Time Travel Mater” premieres on ABC June 16 and at the Disneyland Resort in Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure park on June 15.

1 thought on “Preview New Tow Mater Animated Short Featuring Cars Land from DCA”

  1. I love everything about Cars, and I can’t wait to see this short, and I can’t wait to get out to Disneyland again. Disneyland was our family vacation from 1959-1969, and we travelled there from Arkansas, 4-day trip for us, but I cherish each and every trip.
    We switched to WDW in 1974, and have been going there ever since, but with these latest developments at Disneyland, we will have to navigate away from WDW back to CA.

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