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New Clip From Pixar’s Brave – The Suitors

Disney*Pixar has released the latest clip from its upcoming film “Brave.” In it the three clans present the suitors for Princess Merida’s hand.

Definitely like this segment (even though we’ve already seen much of it). But I’m still interested in more behind the scenes sort of materials. How about you?

2 thoughts on “New Clip From Pixar’s Brave – The Suitors”

  1. One thing I learned from the Avengers is that I hate when studios put too much into previews and advertisements. Every time I see an Avengers commercial that showcases all the great hulk scenes it makes me feel like turning green and destroying something.

    Even though I feel burnt by Cars 2, I trust that Brave will be good simply because its Pixar. Im already upset that the toys may have given away a major plot point So I am completely avoiding any more spoilers or footage until the movie.

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