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Get the Han Solo Treatment in Star Wars Weekends Carbon Freeze Me Collectible

Fans of the original Star Wars series no doubt remember the end of The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo was encased in carbonite. Now you can own your own mini-version of yourself in Carbon-Freeze condition.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests can experience the “Carbon-Freeze Me” process which involves having their faces digitally captured from multiple angles and then magically transformed into carbonite figurines. In the video below Disney Parks Blog author Gary Buchanan and Star Wars Weekends Celebrity Host Ashley Eckstein tour the Carbon-Freezing Chamber and try out the experience for themselves

I did not know that the limited-time Carbon-Freeze Me Experience is actually open every day — not just on Star Wars Weekends — and will continue to operate through June 16, 2012 even though Star Wars Weekends ends this year on June 10. The cost is $99.95 plus tax and shipping; so it’s not cheap, but it is awfully cool.

To make advance reservations for Carbon-Freeze Me, call 407-WDW-TECH (407-939-8324). Walk-ins are accommodated based on availability.

2 thoughts on “Get the Han Solo Treatment in Star Wars Weekends Carbon Freeze Me Collectible”

  1. So on 5/19/2012 I went to Hollywood Studios and had this done. We first checked if we could go early (we had an appointment time) and at that time we were told they were having technical difficulties and were rescheduling everyone. They went even as far as if it wasn’t fixed that day you would have to come back (basically pay to get in again) luckily they got it worked out and I had my pictures taken and paid for it.

    Fast forward to 6/20/2012. Last week I called and asked where it was at. Since it had not been exactly 4 weeks I was told to call back (was 3 days short) so I called today and was informed they were having problems with the company they contracted to make it. They said they have no control over when it will be done but they were working on it and they had no idea when it would be done. She did say that its been a total mess with this company and that Disney will probably never do this again.

    1. Same here Chris. I didn’t have the same problem with regards to technical difficulties, but I was fed the same line of bull in terms of the “hold up.” I probably wouldn’t have minded as much if they gave a range. When you tell someone you are expected to receive an item on such and such date, then you follow through. Its called integrity. Not only did they not follow through, but how hard would it have been to send out a mass email to everyone who ordered to let them know what the dilemma was. This is piss poor customer service to say the least and it sucks the only way we have to keep tabs on the order is a generic website. If I don’t get my order in a few more weeks, they can keep the damn thing.

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