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Purloined iPhone Documents Disney Cruise Line Worker’s Life

An iPhone owned by one Katy McCaffrey went missing when she was aboard the Disney Wonder. A few weeks later said phone started to auto publish photos of cast member life aboard the Disney Wonder. One cast member seems to be in possession of said iPhone and is easily identifiable by his nametag (along with the names of his fellow cast members and ship’s officers). Check out the photos, and amusing commentary, on a Facebook album that McCaffrey has made public and given permission to share.

The original owner is now in contact with Disney Cruise Lines asking about the whereabouts of her purloined iPhone and said cast member. Now, there may be a perfectly good explanation for all this, but evidence is pretty damning. The series of photos also casts DCL’s crew in a bad light by association alone.

The story has now been picked up by national news and shared over 560 times (as of the original publishing of this post). Time to start some damage control.

3 thoughts on “Purloined iPhone Documents Disney Cruise Line Worker’s Life”

  1. That album is HYSTERICAL and SAD all at the same time! I hope Cathy gets her phone back and Nelson gets fired! LOL!!!!

  2. I think it’s a hoax. Why didn’t she report it stolen and have it turned off. A the rapming minutes, all the DCL airtime? Nope, there is more to the story. Plus the crew can be themselves when off duty.

    1. Marsha, the original owner could have turned off the cellphone service, but the iCloud would continue to work next time the phone was near an open Wifi point. I do think it’s a possibility that Nelson ‘bought’ the phone from the person who really stole it, regardless, the presence of a stolen iPhone on a Disney Cruise Line is bad.

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