Magic Kingdom Photo Update – Change, Hope, and Dumbo

No, it’s not a description of the latest political climate, it’s my short summary of the latest update from my walk in the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. My time in the kingdom was short, but I managed to sneak around Storybook Circus, New Fantasyland Expansion, Big Thunder updates, and more.

Once again we’re going to try the Google+ album as the home for the slide show. Check it out here.

Previously: Princess Merida moves into the Magic Kingdom, plus new Brave merchandise.

6 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Photo Update – Change, Hope, and Dumbo”

  1. Very nice! I love the trees around the base of the mountain at Beast’s castle. I tried to comment on that picture and couldn’t. But that’s o.k.! I still like that format. Everything loads much quicker and I really like the black background.

  2. I can’t Wait!!! Its about time they made Beasts Castle! Any more news on the offical open date?

  3. I understand why you moved the photos away from the main site, but I miss the commentary. It’s sometimes hard to tell what I’m looking at, or what is different since the last batch. Any thought to adding comments on Google+ or some brief comments here that we can refer to?

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