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Merida Meet & Greet Soft Opens at Magic Kingdom

While word of Disney’s first Scottish princess greeting guests inside a Disney themepark makes its way around the world to Scotland’s papers (she sounds Irish, they say), the Magic Kingdom has completed the transformation of the space originally created for Belle’s Story Time and subsequently used by Rapunzel and Flynn is now playing host to Merida.

Update: The Disney Parks Blog shared this photo on their Facebook page:

I didn’t have time to stand in line and get up close with Princess Merida myself, but you can get a general idea of the set up from the following pictures. Note the tartan and kilt worn by the cast member, is that a first outside of performing groups? There’s also a lot of fun new merchandise available (although I’m not too sure about the Merida sippy cup where you drink from a straw in the back of her head.. brains, I need brains… it’s Zombie Merida).

Can’t make it to the parks? Some of the above merchandise is available at the too.

Below the cut is a video from Ricky of Inside the Magic:

What do you think? I think lines for Merida will be just as long as Rapunzel.