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Disney World Merchandise Roundup

Yesterday we shared a new kitchenware and dish set for sale at Walt Disney World, but that isn’t the only bit of new merchandise to show up at the parks. Here are a few more things that caught my eye as I wandered around the parks.

Of late, Disney has been making easy to find the new stuff by grouping it together with other ‘New Arrivals.’

I’m seeing a lot more clothing where the Mickey Mouse element is woven into the pattern. Let’s you were your Mickey clothing without having to have a cartoon on your shirt. I like that idea.

These pillows are part of a larger housewares push from Disney over the last few months. I like it.

And now a selection of the newest t-shirt designs to appear in the parks. (Oswald may not be that new, but I had to put him in since you don’t see Oswald merch for sale that often.) Also some really great retro designs in the stores right now.

One thing I’ve noticed during these strolls is that Disney merchandising is constantly moving around what goes where inside the stores. The Cathay Theater in Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been changed four times in the last year, the Main Street Shops at the Magic Kingdom are expanding the women’s selections and seriously shrinking the men’s department. That must reflect some trend they’re seeing in purchasing habits. Who does the shopping when your family is at a Disney theme park?

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