New Disney Parks Kitchen and Dish Set

Update: this set is now available for purchase online at the Disney Store in the authentic Disney Parks merchandise section.

Quality Disney kitchenware is one of the most sought after items for every Disney fan household. It’s not really breakfast unless you’re eating it off a Mickey Mouse plate, right? That said, there is such a thing as over the top, even for us Disney fans. It’s been a while since Disney released a new set of plates, bowls, towels, and other kitchen related items that is fun enough to fit in a fan’s house, but also classy enough to fit in any home.

While exploring Disney’s Hollywood Studios it was nice to discover a new set of ‘Disney Parks Authentic’ kitchenware with just the right amount of subtlety and still enough Mickey Mouse to make fans and the average guest happy.

What do you think? Should Disney be selling more home product? They used to have whole stores devoted to stuff for the home.

9 thoughts on “New Disney Parks Kitchen and Dish Set”

  1. Yes! I loved all the specialty kitchen, bath, and garden stuff. I miss a lot of the “old” park sopping, where there were stores dedicated to quality items, especially for adults. This set is very nice. Thanks for the pictures, Disney blog!

  2. That would be a nice set to have for the house. The muted colors are just right for adults and still enough Mickey to make them fun. About how much would a set run ?

  3. I like this set. I doubt I’ll buy it myself since it’s a little “feminine” looking for me for some reason, but I don’t expect Disney to cater their housewares to 28-year-old males.

    That having been said, I have a lot of the classic Mickey items as well as a few from that bright 60’s looking set they sell. I also really like the stuff Target sells.

    It’s plates with Mickey Mouse on them…I’m not using them at a dinner party but for every day use, they’re fun to break out. I wish they sold more for sure.

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  5. I hope they have it posted on the website and thanks for posting the pics, how much does the set cost though? I am curious to see how much I will be spending when I go to the park this fall. I do hope they still have it by then :) Can you just call the park and order it over the phone?

  6. I purchased these towels in March & love them! I think they were around $17 for the set of 2. However, I washed & dried one of them (I was only planning on using them for decoration) & it faded significantly. There weren’t any washing instructions on them. So if you get them, maybe wash them on gentle & don’t dry?

  7. The dishes are great!!! We saw them at the Magic Kingdom and bought eight of everything and had them shipped home. I’d love to see more “grown up” home items.

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