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Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris – Full Video

Disneyland Paris is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary with a huge year-long celebration and capping each night with a Castle show that tops all others. Disney Dreams uses fireworks, digital projections on the castle, World of Color-esque fountains, and Fantasmic style water screens to tell a great story, but also to make your jaw drop dozens of times throughout the 20 minute show.

So stop what you’re doing right now and watch this. It’s the full length version of the show (click through and watch it in HD for the best details).

Creative genious at Walt Disney Imagineering Steven Davison, who helped DLP pull Disney Dreams off, is rumored to be working on a new show for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It might just be a new fireworks show to replace ‘Wishes’ but I’d love to see him try to top ‘Disney Dreams’.

What about you? Would a show like Disney Dreams work at Walt Disney World? What park would you put it in if now Magic Kingdom?

6 thoughts on “Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris – Full Video”

  1. This is amazing. A great night-time show that can work around DLP’s firework noise restrictions and be used most of the year round (I’d bet there’s a slightly different run for bad weather). Finally!!

    Taking the concepts of the moving pictures on the castle creating illusions of the towers shotting up/crumbling down and adding in awesome fireworks akin to Wishes and WDW has a winner on its hands.

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  6. Wow!! I was really impressed with the new castle show at WDW when we were thier, but this looks even better. Cant wait to see it in person when i visit in june :)

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