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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Game Implements Guest Restrictions

Update: In discussing this with someone involved with SotMK, the real restriction is that you can no longer advance beyond the level you are playing. So if you are currently working Medium or Hard levels, you can continue to play that, but once you’re done, you’ll be taken back to Easy. Anyone currently in Easy or Medium can’t advance while the restrictions are on. I’m not sure how this will impact the line length at the portals, but it should help, just not as much as we thought before.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I spotted this one a mile away. With only four lands to play in and growing popularity among locals and cast members, Disney’s card based interactive game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom was sure to reach its capacity quite often during busy days. What I didn’t take into account was that the harder levels of the game take even longer to play than the entry level. This appears to have compounded the wait time to play at each station, significantly reducing capacity, and resulted in park officials making an interesting decision.

Touring Plans is reporting that guests are currently only able to play on the ‘easy’ level of SotMK. The easy level only requires one card to defeat each villain. Guests who have achieved a higher level will only be able to play the easy level while the restriction is in place, but should be able to resume their medium or hard level games in the future.

While it hasn’t been officially announced, it is believed that new SotMK play stations will be coming online when the New Fantasyland area opens completely. There is also a possibility that they could do something in Tomorrowland or even in the monorail resort hotels (think of the enchanted art aboard the Disney Dream and Fantasy). Also, just adding one more station to each land would make a difference.

I love the game for a lot of reasons. My son loves to play it and I like to watch and help him. The cards are beautiful, free and collectible, which satisfies one of my Disney habits for a very low cost. Also, there is the element of strategy and discovery involved in the game. It adds a new layer to the theme park experience with the ability to provide a different magic encounter each time. With generations of kids growing up with a screen as their preferred method of interaction, games like SotMK will continue to grow and add layers of fun to Disney’s theme parks and I can’t wait to experience them.

The question for today is, what else could Disney do to make Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom a better guest experience today?

13 thoughts on “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Game Implements Guest Restrictions”

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  5. They need to implement a skip the cut scene card. Repeat guests will use it and it would shorten the time at each station.
    They also need more stations.
    They could move one villain out of Fantasy Land and put it on Main Street.


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  9. I think it would be great if the game expanded to a giant scavenger hunt over all of WDW. I mean, if I got to fight Dr. Facilier at Port Orleans, Captain Barbosa at Caribbean Beach, or Captain Gantu at the Polynesian it would be so much fun. This game has the possibility to just keep growing because it’s all digital. What happens if you expand the original storyline? You defeat your 9 villains at the Magic Kingdom and Merlin says the ball won’t hold them forever, so Hades brakes free again and this time goes and gets Marvel villains to defeat? I can go to Saratoga Springs and fight Magneto. The possibilities are endless!

  10. It is difficult to know what ‘level’ ones spell cards are at. If there was an independent kiosk for sorcerers to check and/or a web site you can track your progress on that would be great. Currently the key cards aren’t numbered but if they were numbered or tied to your ticket number players could check their status online and keep their games ‘alive’ between long stretches away from the park (i.e. We live in WA state and come out once a year but don’t want to loose our progress.)

  11. I was told that after one month your cards a deleted and if you come back after that month you will have to start all over. I completed the first level. Now I cant go to next level. My keys will be deleted by the time the restruction is lifted. I really dont want to start all over.

    1. We just returned after a Christmas visit and Sarah’s game was exacrly in mid adventure where she left it.

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