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Disney Pinterest Boards

Pinterest, the visual pin-board site, has become very popular lately. Studies are coming out claiming that Pinterest is rising in its ability to drive traffic, sometimes beating out Twitter. Many brands are starting to utilize Pinterest for marketing. Even some theme parks have official accounts on Pinterest, including SeaWorld and Dollywood. Despite its popularity, Disney has yet to offer an official Pinterest account.

This comes as no surprise. Being a large, old, traditional media company, Disney has been relatively slow in the recent past in terms of embracing social media. The Parks and Resorts division only launched their blog less than three years ago, many years after the technology was available.

However, there are many Disney fans who have embraced Pinterest and created their own boards related to the company. In a sense, this could be a better scenario. Disney fans get the content without the marketing message. (This also means that we don’t have the “enjoyable” marketing though – perhaps Disney could offer a Pinterest related contest, or let you know of exclusive discounts via the channel. But this is probably a long way away, if they ever decide to have an account.)

For now, we are stuck relying on fan generated content. I’ve compiled a list of a few great Disney-related Pinterset boards, for those of you who use the platform and want to have more Disney content on your page.

Tom Bricker

Tom, of creates some of my favorite Disney images. He has boards related to the parks on each US coast, as well as Disney food and art.


Disney for the Home

Although this board only has 9 pins, it’s got some cute stuff to inspire your home decor.


Disney Collection

This board is a collection is Polyvore sets inspired by Disney characters. Learn to dress like Elizabeth Swann or Princess Tiana.


Disney Merch

Another cool niche board with housewares and other Disney knick-knacks.

Source: via Adam on Pinterest


What are your favorite Disney related Pinterest boards?