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Alice Davis to Finally Appear On Main Street Window at Disneyland

It makes me incredibly happy to hear that Disneyland has finally decided to honor the accomplishements of Alice Davis with a window on Main Street USA at Disneyland. These windows serve as the ‘credits’ to the full experience of the park, Davis’ husband Marc has had a window for a long time and it looks like Alice will get the open space right next to his. A perfect pair if you ask me.

Alice Davis was inducted as a Disney Legend in 2004 and is known for her work on the costumes for “it’s a small world” and “Pirates Of the Caribbean,” however, her accomplishments also include live action films, developing WDI standards, and is a brilliant artist and imagineer in her own right.

I’ve been writing about the need to correct this injustice since at least 1999. I mentioned the lack of windows for Alice Davis and Mary Blair in the 2nd month of this blog and later added in Lillian Disney as another major oversight. Davis will join Harriet Burns, Cicely Rigdon, and Mary Anne Mang as the fourth woman to be honored with a ‘credit’ on Main Street USA at Disneyland. Let’s hope that number quickly rises to six and higher as the company finally starts to recognize the contributions made by women in their cast, not just the men.

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  8. I would so love to get in contact with Mrs. Alice Davis to ask her if she will consider releasing the print of her husband’s artwork that appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland in the bar scene above the bar, “The Lady In Red”. I’ve long admired this artwork and would treasure a print of it to hang in my house. This is such a wonderful piece of art and I imagine that there are many other fans such as my husband and myself who would love to purchase a copy of it from the Disney Gallery. Each time we go to the park I ask, but no one really knows anything about it. Please forward this request to her as I do not know how to contact her and it would mean so much to me. Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Teri Coates
    Sonoma, CA

  9. She does not have a copy of this image that I am aware of. You’ll have to make your request to Disney. Even if she did have a copy of it, she legally cannot make prints of it to sell. But I’ll let her know you admire it. I am sure that will make her smile.

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