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Magic Kingdom Update – Rolling in the Park (Part Two)

We’ve started our tour of the Magic Kingdom in part one of this photo update, but today we get to see even more. Let’s get right to it.

Yeah, so this still happens. When is WDW going to do something with all these bricks? They’re starting to age poorly. Might be time to gear up for a 50th anniversary effort to replace the bricks with new ones… with RFID chips in them so you can find your brick by pointing your phone at it.

Click to embiggen. Not too much more demolished here, except for one unfortunate change.

Click to embiggen. Yep. Someone backed into the clock tower… Hopefully they’re able to save/repair the damage.

Click to embiggen. Work is done on the new Peter Pan fastpass / disabled queue. This appears to solve a number of problems.

The park has been so busy lately, cast members have been holding green flags to indicate where queues begin. But lately, they’ve added some more official looking signs. Like these. Do you like them or are these destined for a surplus store somewhere.

Click to embiggen. Disney has revealed a lot more of the castle wall. It looks a lot better than I imagined and it’s not even done yet.

Click to embiggen. Belle’s cottage is shaping up nicely. Love the faux stone work.

Click to embiggen. It’s scaffolding land over there in Gaston’s Village.

Click to embiggen. The infrastructure on the Storybook circus end of the show building is now getting rock work overlayed on it. I swear they’re going to be adding new rock work to this attraction in 2014, there’s more of it every time I turn around.

Click to embiggen. Love this. Can’t wait to get up close to the train station. Also note what looks like the attraction sign for Dumbo installed. Not that Dumbo needs a sign…

That’s it for Part two. Believe it or not, Part three will be uploaded tomorrow. I know, crazy.

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  5. Is “embiggen” a word? Not fan of the signage, sort of makes it look cheap… surely there is a more imaginative system?

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