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Magic Kingdom Update – Rolling Through The Park (Part 1)

Have a long photo update from Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World this week. At least two parts, possibly three. So let’s get right to it.

Click to Embiggen. Cinderella Castle is looking particularly lovely after the holiday lights have been removed and some touch up done. But what really has my attention is in the lower right corner.

Click to Embiggen. The serpent is in extra fine form. Love how the blue flowers make that water effect. Trivia Question: At what resort in Orlando can you find another Disney serpent?

Click to Embiggen. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is set to officially open today. They’ve added some new signage to the Firehouse. Not sure what’s ‘Secret’ about it though. They seem to be advertising it pretty heavily.

A new poster was added to the Firehouse (and a safety message on the door too). I must have this poster! I wonder if they’ll make a SotMK attraction poster too.

Click to Embiggen. The Diamond Horseshoe was open over the holiday weekend. The menu itself has seen better days. But the food looked great. They really did hand-carve those sandwhiches.

See. Here’s the carving station. A great use of this location. All it needs now is a show up on that stage and we’re back in business. Heck even just a comedy act and a live pianist.

Click to Embiggen. Work continues around Beast’s castle. Looks like they’re getting ready for some greenery and foliage.

Click to Embiggen. Prince Eric’s Castle has more scaffolding up and even more rock work being done on the facade of the Little Mermaid ride.

Click to Embiggen. Both tents in Storybook Circus are getting ready to add their outer shell. I wonder if they’ll be as bright and colorful as…

… the new Dumbo attraction which sits across from the larger tent.

Speaking of tents, scaffolding is down around the Dumbo interactive queue tent. Looks like they’re depending on Go-Away green for the back portion of the building. I hope they’re able to come up with something better since, as you can see, it really stands out from all around the Speedway and is visible from the Peoplemover too.

That’s it for part one. More new Fantasyland in Part two along with some other changes around the Magic Kingdom. Thank you for reading. What do you think about the Dumbo queue building?

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  3. Might be more dragon than serpent, but your picture reminded me of the Lego creation in the water outside Downtown Disney’s Lego store.

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