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Kodak seeks to end sponsorship of Hollywood Theater are Disney Parks Next?

The first shoe has dropped in the Kodak bankruptcy case when the company asked a judge to terminate its sponsorship of the Oscars Theater in Hollywood. It’s costing the company a lot of money to have its name up there on the corner of Hollywood and Vine Highland. Now we’re left to wonder when the other shoe will drop with Kodak’s sponsorship in Disney’s theme parks.

To make matters more interesting many of the creditors Kodak is trying to work out refinancing deals are movie studios, including Disney. Kodak owes Disney $4.2 million. It’s also not good news for the owners of the theater as the AMPAS, who runs the Academy Awards, is thinking about moving the Oscar ceremony to another theater soon.

3 thoughts on “Kodak seeks to end sponsorship of Hollywood Theater are Disney Parks Next?”

  1. The Kodak Theatre is not at Hollywood & Vine (the Pantages Theatre is closer to that intersection), but next to the shopping complex at Hollywood and Highland.

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  3. Kodak owes Disney $4.2 million. The Walt Disney Company made (Net Profit) as of Oct 1, 2011 $1,087,000,000 for the preceding 3 months
    ( or $12,077,777 each day on avg. That $4.2 million is 1/3 of one day of operating for Disney. Did you miss 3 hours of pay in the last 3 months?

    Walt knew, and now The Walt Disney Company, know advertising better than 98% of the world and the loss of the little Kodak signs may cost more than whatever the portion of the $4.2 million monetary loan loss, that the courts decide does not have to be paid!


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