Disney Parks Guide Maps Sponsor Kodak Files Bankruptcy

We discussed the possibility of Kodak filing bankruptcy earlier this month and what possible affect it could have on the things Kodak sponsors at Disney’s domestic theme parks. Now, Kodak has officially filed for bankruptcy in an effort to restructure their debts.

Thankfully it looks like Kodak has been given some money to operate during its reorganization which means it’s likely to continue its sponsorship of the Guidemaps and photo spots.

There’s no official word from Disney or Kodak, but If Kodak does have to bow out of its sponsorship, which company would you like to see step in and take over the guidemaps and photo spot sponsorships?

18 thoughts on “Disney Parks Guide Maps Sponsor Kodak Files Bankruptcy”

  1. Kodak never kept up with the times, and did not become a serious player in the digital world. Canon and Nikon are the leaders now. I’m not sure if I want to suggest any of the big Internet based photo storage/printing companies.

  2. I think Kodak should bow out, until they get their house together.

    Any number of good choices as replacements, Canon, Flickr, Google Maps/Google Earth, Photobucket.

  3. Could Disney now buy out the complete rights to Figment & Dreamfinder from Kodak and finally re-imagineer the Imagination pavilion in EPCOT?

  4. Nikon or Canon.

    Kodak sealed it’s own fate by trying to support and bolster the film (and film processing) industry LONG after it became apparent that digital was going to corner the market. Sad to see them fall so far.

  5. Disney should start courting Fujifilm now. Perhaps they can nail a new guide map sponsor and one for an attraction in Japan.

  6. I hope Kodak will actually stay. I am a Kodak loyalist just like I am a Disney World loyalist. I own 4 different Kodak digital cameras, and 2 of their pocket camcorders, and also 2 of their digital picture frames. This is directly because they have been with Disney parks since 1955! I hope it will be just like GM – Test Track continued to be sponsored by GM even in bankruptcy protection. So why not Kodak do the same?

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  8. I agree… Canon! Then maybe they can ditch those Nikon cameras th
    at made our photopass pics turn out not-so-great!

  9. I too would say Canon BUT…

    Disney uses Nikon gear, not Canon AND

    I see Canon at the same point in their history as Kodak was about 15-20 years ago. Canon is acting very arrogant while not seeing the writing on the wall in their own industry.

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  14. Seems like Google is a perfect match for sponsoring maps/information. However, given the relationship between Disney and Apple and the proliferation of iphontography, perhaps that would be a good match, too.

  15. It seems to me that while a company like Cannon would fill part of the photo gap, I’d personally suggest that HP’s Snapfish division take over the reigns involving park maps or even photo pass. Disney already has connections with HP, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t go to them first.

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