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Disney World Merchandise Update – 2012 Collection Has Arrived

New 2012 design t-shirt

New 2012 design t-shirt

Quite a few new pieces of merchandise in the 2012 line of Walt Disney World merchandise has been introduced into the parks. We’ve got pictures of that, plus a few other fun or bizarre, as the case might be, additions to the shelves.

At the Magic Kingdom, they continue to make shifts in the product line up inside the main street shops (rendering that nice new map and directory they had recently produced obsolete), in fact the Trophy shop finally got its sports related merchandise (and other men’s attire) back after a long run of Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse related women’s apparel and accessories. I think this is a home run.

More home runs below the jump in our gallery:

If you like this or other Disney theme park merchandise, you can find a lot of it on these days.

5 thoughts on “Disney World Merchandise Update – 2012 Collection Has Arrived”

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  2. Just a suggestion… I like that you’re including the thumbnails, but is there a way you can install a “scroll through” button or icon? That way, we won’t have to click into each picture, go back, get the next one, go back…

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  5. Thanks very much! These pictures are awesome. I love the new 2012 design! It looks like they’re trying to feature as many characters as they can and I love that!

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