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Magic Kingdom Weekend Update – Part II

Yesterday we saw a few of the changes coming to the Magic Kingdom in part one of the update. Today we dive deep into Fantasyland and the expansion we’re all waiting to explore.

Dumbo’s courtyard home is almost a memory now. The construction walls now extend much further out into Fantasyland.

So far that they removed all the clothing from this store and made it a walkway. That was a lonely cast member.

Click to embiggen. Gaston’s tavern is coming along in Belle’s Village.They’re almost ready to put on siding and roof materials.

Here’s a zoomed in picture.

Over at Ariel’s, Prince Eric’s castle is still getting some detail work. If you look in the lower left you see a bit of white just behind the wall.

Click to embiggen. Turns out that’s the walkway from the movie. Maybe we’ll get a white castle after all (but they won’t serve sliders).

Click to embiggen. That extra bit of rock work we noticed before turns out to be part of a water feature. I believe this will be the Ariel meet and greet area. Just to the right is the entrance to Storybook Circus.

The Dumbo queue tent is now bi-color. Looks great. Also look in the background at some work on the Great Goofini show element.

Click to embiggen. Here’s a zoom on that. Note the Goofy shaped cutout.

Click to embiggen. It’s not very obvious, but the new tent has two skins. The inner skin (seen here) is the same size as the old tent. A new exo-skeleton has been added to strengthen the tents (we do get some bad weather here occasionally) and when it’s covered will appear much larger than the old tent. But it’s still there underneath. .

Click to embiggen. You can also see some of the rock work and walls going in here. Storybook Circus is supposedly set in a park. So it’s likely themed to that.

Click to embiggen. It’s a bit obscured here, but the train station is looking amazing. I can’t wait to see it in person. It’s a huge upgrade over what was there before.

Click to embiggen. From the ferry boat you can see they’ve added more rock to the water to expand the land mass into the lagoon.

And from the monorail, you see all the earth movers lined up ready to get back to work. No infrastructure has been laid yet. So vertical construction is a ways off..

That’s it for this weeks construction update. I’ll have a report on Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom and some new Merchandise later this week. Thanks for tuning in.