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Meet Jaime Ibanez, The Miniature Magical Castle Maker

Believe it or not, the above photo is a model done by Jaime Ibanez, a talented artist and sculptor living in the Philippines. But it could be a Disney theme park castle, perhaps in Shanghai. Here’s Ibanez working on a similar model:

Ibanez’s work has drawn an international following in the media and among benefactors. It ranges from paintings, to miniatures, from fantasy to futurism, and even darker subjects. His media include wood, metal, special clay, and acrylic plastic.

In 1994 Jaime trained with Landmark Entertainment’s art director Bob Dennis, a group where a lot of former Disney Imagineers found a home. Afterward he landed a job helping build Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park in the Philippines.

Jaime says he does take commissions. So if you have the budget, you can own one of these magical creations. But what I’d really like to do is walk through one of Jaime’s castles in a theme park. How about you?

Jaime says one of his dreams is to go to Disneyland. I hope Disney is able to make that happen soon, perhaps even through in a tour of the model shop. Then one day, add his buildings to a future theme park.

See more of Jamie’s work in his Facebook albums and on his blog.

5 thoughts on “Meet Jaime Ibanez, The Miniature Magical Castle Maker”

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  4. I never knew that Landmark Entertainment was home to former Imagineers. It makes sense. That is the company responsible for Caesars Magical Empire as well as the Star Trek Experience (the transporter effect was something that they were most proud of). I was fortunate enough to have worked on one of their shows and it was an absolute joy!

    1. The 1st time I visited Caesar’s Magical Empire I was wearing my WDI polo shirt. The ‘magician’ of our dinner turned out to be one of the Landmark designers and a former Imagineer. Was great getting to meet him.

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