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Play Where’s My Water for Free and Help Save H2O too

A great new promotion combining Disney Friends for Change and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) wants you to join in helping to protect fresh water for people and animals around the world. They’ve created the Every Duck Counts campaign and Disney Friends for Change and DWCF will donate $50,000 to Conservation International’s freshwater efforts. All you have to do is play “Where’s My Water?” and collect as many ducks as possible in the game to raise awareness about the importance of clean water.

Today through the end of February, anyone playing the free online or mobile versions (itunes) of “Where’s My Water?” will learn freshwater facts, what we all can do to save water, and more of Conservation International’s mission protect and restore freshwater sources that support some 126,000 animal species and more than 500 million people.

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