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ESPN Wide World of Sports Expansion Waiting on Tax Breaks

I like to think of ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex as Walt Disney World’s fifth gate. It packs in visitors day after day offering unique experiences that an only be found at this world class destination. Sure, there are no e-ticket rides, but the experience for the athletes who perform are is an e-ticket worth of memories for a lifetime.

A few years ago, I was excited to learn of expansion plans that would add new fields, new facilities, and even a 100 lane bowling alley, the first facility at ESPN WWOS that would be open to participation by day guests. But then financing for the bowling alley fell through and work on the expansion stopped.

Now the Orlando Sentinel reports that Walt Disney World is telling the Florida State Legislature that it thinks it can attract new financing if the state expands the tax breaks for sports entertainment facilities. The argument is that some by allowing tax revenue to be forgone today, they’ll generate lots of new revenue from tourism in the future, and, the part I like the best, much needed construction jobs started very soon.

Sounds like a good deal to me. Even though Splitsville is opening in Downtown Disney sometime soon, I love the idea of going bowling at Walt Disney World with professional bowlers just a few lanes away.

4 thoughts on “ESPN Wide World of Sports Expansion Waiting on Tax Breaks”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, John. As an avid bowler, I’m actually NOT really looking forward to Splitsville, as it’s more about the kitsch and the atmosphere and the drinking, than it is about the bowling.

    I want the 100-lane bowling facility that is all about the sport of bowling, where I can seriously work on improving my bowling average. I would imagine they might even have league bowling, which I would most certainly join.

    My fingers are crossed…

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