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Steampunk Tokyo DisneySea


Steampunk posits that had steam powered computing took off in the Victorian era, the world would look a lot different today. Many Disney film have influenced the ethic, most famously Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie. So it makes sense that the Nautilus section of Tokyo DisneySea has a heavy Steampunk look, but the feeling is visible throughout the park.


The full Flickr set of photos features the many Steampunk influenced details of Tokyo DisneySea. I hope to make it to Tokyo Disney someday soon. I absolutely love this stuff. How about you?

(Hat Tip: Will Gay)

5 thoughts on “Steampunk Tokyo DisneySea”

  1. You will absolutely love TokyoSea! It is unlike anything I have seen before! You feel as if it has that Disney feel yet it is entirely different. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit two years ago and I am so glad I went! My best advice is to stay off property in a good neighbor hotel (we stayed in the Hotel Nikko Tokyo Bay) because it is beyond expensive in the parks! Our hotel was a 5 star hotel right on Tokyo Bay and it had a shuttle that picked us up right at the hotel and dropped us at the gate. Also, if you get the chance to go to DisneySea, you will understand the hype behind Duffy (from the Cape Cod section). I am planning to visit Paris Disneyland next year as well (this year was WDW)!

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