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Pixie Hollow Games on Disney Channel

Saturday was the premiere of the newest entry into the Disney Fairies franchise, “Pixie Hollow Games”. This one is very different since Tinkerbell wasn’t the main character…actually, she probably only had 4 lines. Rosetta takes a starring role (This time being voiced by Megan Hilty, Broadway and soon to be TV Star) accompanied by new fairy Chloe (Voiced by Brenda Song, London Tipton of the two versions of Suite Life on the Disney Channel).

Since this was just a 30 minute special, the story had to be quick to the point…which it was. Pixie Hollow has an Olympics every year in which the different talent fairies pick two of their own to go compete. The Garden fairies have a problem though, they lose…every time…always in the first round. Every garden fairy dreads being the one have to compete, including Rosetta, except for one. Chloe is new and VERY excited for the games, Rosetta…not so much. Rosetta comes with a mind set of “We are going to lose anyway, so why even try?” After the first event, everything changes for the better, then for the worse, then back to better.

I thought it was very cute. A lot of funny/inventive events (And a hilarious scoreboard made up of butterflies!). I would give it 4 sprinkles of pixie dust out of 5. Tell me what you thought of it! Create your own inventive and funny rating scale, and tell me in the comments below what your take on the special was!

I have heard this film will eventually be released on DVD, but I know for sure next year’s Tinkerbell movie is called “Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings”. Also, remember that Friday, December 2nd is “Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas” and January 6th is the finale of “Wizards of Waverly Place”.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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