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The Muppets Help Jason Segel Open Saturday Night Live

Everyone in Hollywood knew that Jason Segel’s day hosting Saturday Night Live would come. The work he did to bring the Muppets back to the silver screen after a 12 year absence only served as a little bit of an accelerator. If you missed the opening monologue of SNL, then you missed a hilarious bit where Segel invited his friends The Muppets to help him sing a song about how amazing he thought it was that he was the host. Only the Muppets thought that they were co-hosting with Segal. Hilarity ensued:

Later in the show Kermit came back to help Segel deliver Weekend Edition, the humorous take on the weeks news (trying Hulu embed code here, should start right at Kermit’s segment)

Are you planning to see The Muppets in movie theaters?

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