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Pixar Up House Still Drawing Tourists to Town

The house modeled after the home from the Pixar movie Up is turning into the little home that could for the community of Herriman, Utah. Originally built as a hook for a 3-week Parade of Homes event, the cute little home from the movie continues to draw thousands of tourists to the region. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, over 27,000 visitors have spent their money in local shops and restaurants while making the trek to see the brightly painted Pixar Up House.

The developer is still selling homes in the division and has decided to keep the home as a ‘model house’. That means you can still take a tour during business hours. Come by on Halloween and they’ll even have someone dressed as Carl handing out candy.

Some additional good news is also buried in this article. It was previously reported that the city and HOA would make them repaint the home to a more bland unified color, but it sounds like they are now open to keeping the original bright color scheme.

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