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Muppets Facebook Fan-A-Thon

Maybe I should just expect perfection at this point from The Muppets advertising campaign. Yet, I can’t help but continuously be blown away by how truly wonderful it is.

Aside from their hilarious teaser trailers and viral videos, the folks at Disney have launched a brilliant Facebook campaign called the “Muppets Fan-A-Thon.” In a series of short videos (like the one below), a few of the most popular characters, like Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo, ask in their own quirky ways for users to help them get to a “BaZillion” Facebook likes. And in return? Users will get exclusive information about advance movie screenings and special deals.

Let’s just say I “Liked” it immediately.

The Muppet Facebook page is also just fun to poke around. Yesterday, they uploaded some new promotional posters for the movie. My personal favorite, of Statler and Waldorf, is pictured below the jump. They also uploaded a short video of the sarcastic pair, which is quite hilarious. I also appreciate the video of the Swedish Chef*, who happens to be my absolute favorite Muppet, preparing a pumpkin for Halloween.

So what are you waiting for? Get “Liking“, or see more after the jump!

*Fun fact that I learned through my internship with the Jim Henson CompanyThe Swedish Chef was puppeteered by both Jim Henson, who voiced the character, and Frank Oz, who did the hands. They would have a lot of fun with this character, oftentimes by trying to make each other mess up. The pair is also famous for their work as Kermit and Miss Piggy, and Bert and Ernie, to name a few.

The Disney team has also uploaded several short, yet addicting, games. As they say on their Facebook page,

“We are all about addictive internet games that also serve as a promotional tool for our new film, The Muppets, in theatres this Thanksgiving. Do you see what we did there?”

There is so much more I could show you from this campaign, but wouldn’t it be better for you to see for yourself? Go ahead – I dare you not to love it!

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