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Group Targets Disney’s Theme Parks for Potential Lead Poisoning

I’m not going to pretend to know much about California or Florida consumer safety laws, especially when it comes to safe lead levels in paint and other materials. However, the group known as the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation claims they do know and that Disney’s parks are endangering children with risky levels of lead exposure. That’s according to stories in the LA Times and Orlando Sentinel.

This story has me a bit vexed. I don’t think the courts are the right place to work out this issue. Instead experts from the state should perform an inspection and then work with Disney to remedy any potentially dangerous situation. Alas, in today’s world, government is not always willing or able to perform that function. So it can fall to 3rd party watchdog groups to make sure code is being enforced.

The group claims to be filing the lawsuit as only a last step after notifying both Disney and the government. However, Disney disputes that the levels exceed dangerous levels. Thus we head to court.

6 thoughts on “Group Targets Disney’s Theme Parks for Potential Lead Poisoning”

  1. This sounds like a bunch of underemployed lawyers trying to make their car payment. Their complaint is about leaded windows, bathroom fixtures, door knobs, etc. Not much danger from those items. Once again showing why we need loser pays laws in our court system.

  2. Gee.. I guess I should stop licking the doors, windows and hand-railings at when at Disneyland. But how am I supposed to fill my need for a afternoon snack.. =/

  3. Lead in paint. Hah! That’s so laughable in 2011. You can’t buy paint with lead in it. The EPA regulates that kind of stuff up the wazoo. Agree with Geoff: bunch of loser lawyers looking for some way to make money off the backs of someone else’s labors.

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