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Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, Both Started With A Mouse

I was honored to be interviewed by local news channel WESH today. They asked me to put some perspective on how the death and legacy of Steve Jobs parallels that of Walt Disney.

Both were great innovators. Among other things, Disney invented the animation desk, the Multi-plane camera, and the theme park as we know it today. Jobs has hundreds of patents, came up with the idea for the Mouse, and revolutionized how we listen to music today. They also surrounded themselves with other innovators, and strove to create the best product possible.

In life, they just gave 100% of themselves to their work and family, were considered difficult to work for, and expected perfection of themselves and those they hired. They were also both known as micro-managers. Disney micro-managed everything down to moving a tree at Disneyland 5 feet because it wasn’t how he saw it in his mind and Steve was known to give comments on something so small as the color of bricks at the new Pixar Studios.

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15 thoughts on “Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, Both Started With A Mouse”

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  8. Jobs didn’t invent the mouse.
    He saw it demoed at Xerox Parc Labs with a graphical user interface.
    Jobs incorporated those into the Lisa and later Mac.

    1. He has patents on a mouse device that is different from what they were using at Xerox Parc. Like all great innovators, Steve’s genius was in improving existing ways.

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