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Thoughts on The Lion King in 3D

Ahead of its Blu-ray/Blu-ray 3D debut on October 4, The Lion King will once again roar into theaters beginning tomorrow for a two-week run in digital 3D.

A few weeks ago I caught a screening and came away with decidedly mixed feelings.

Some scenes are, as you can imagine, a thrill to watch with added dimension. But others—pun—fall flat. Many are stuck uncomfortably in the middle. Certain shots of the lions’ faces seemed to have a bizarre papercraft look.

So The Lion King didn’t make me into a fan of the 2-D to 3-D conversion process for traditionally animated films, which I had been very optimistic about. That said, pretty much anything that gets classic Disney films back on the big screen is a good thing.

But Disney’s resources would probably have been better spent on converting one of Pixar’s gems, like WALL-E or Finding Nemo, to 3-D. (Ratatouille 3-D is confirmed to be in the works.)

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on The Lion King in 3D”

  1. I want to go see it in 3D to see what the differences are because it seems to me that its rather difficult/pointless to turn a movie already created in 2D into 3D unless you include new scenes that allow you to mess around with the 3D effects. Regardless, I think its a great idea for Disney to be re releasing some of their movies. Today’s kids haven’t seen half of the Disney Classics I grew up with and its just sad. Re releasing oldies but goodies will be profitable and good PR. Bring back the “Disney Magic” !

    On a side note.. Of ALL the Pixar movies they decide to make Ratatouille in 3D? EPIC FAIL.
    Probably my least favorite Pixar movie.

  2. No way… Ratatouille is an awesome movie. One of Pixar’s best, for sure!

    I’m actually not a huge fan of 3D in general. Just going to see it because LK is my favorite DIsney movie by far, and I’ve seen it so many times it would be nice to see it differently.

    One question: Is it the original theatrical release, or did they leave in the scenes they added for the Special Edition DVD (Morning Report, specifically)?

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  6. im a big fan of the lion king. overall the 3d release is not worth the money. i have the dvd at home< and with a good surrouind sound system< you can get more sound out of the system then you can at the theatre. the movie overall looked about the same. They left out the morning report song. hope this helps

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  10. Saw it today and I truly enjoyed it. True it’s the same film with little differences as far as 3D is concerned but it made me remember what a great movie it is. Just hearing little kids who are watching for the first time enjoying themselves made the $11.50 ticket worth it. Goes to show you animation isn’t what it used to be..I’m 21 and I haven’t seen the movie in forever but it made me feel a little nostalgic watching it. Couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

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