Disney Fantasy Stern Character Revealed

The Disney Cruise Line has a very cute and popular tradition of adorning the stern of each ship with a different character, usually doing something whimsical. The Disney Magic has Goofy cleaning the ship, The Disney Wonder has Donald being ‘helped’ by his nephews, and Sorcerer Mickey is making brooms do the work on the Disney Dream. What do all 3 of those ships have in common? The main characters are part of the Fab five. So the Disney Fantasy will follow in that tradition, right?


The stern character for the Disney Fantasy take a bit of a departure and will feature Dumbo flying under his own power putting the finishing touches on the ship with the help of Timothy Mouse. Here’s some concept art:

The Disney Fantasy just passed a milestone with the final piece of its hull being attached, so expect to see many more details about the ship between now and its launch around March 2012.

In fact, we have two photos of the flying elephant himself below the jump:

Dumbo certainly looks cute and captures the whimsical humor we’ve come to expect from a stern character. But how do you feel about the departure from using one of the Fab five in that position?

16 thoughts on “Disney Fantasy Stern Character Revealed”

  1. I’m curious as to why they didn’t choose Minnie? Would she (or even Daisy) be the next logical step after Goofy, Donald (+3) and Mickey? I assume Pluto wasn’t an option because he is a dog-dog (not a man-dog like Goofy) and therefore wouldn’t be able to paint. Still, I wonder why Minnie wasn’t selected…

  2. Dumbo is a fun choice! I think it’s appropriate because it’ll almost be like he’s “flying” over the water. Dumbo is a popular character that Disney doesn’t capitalize on enough throughout the parks, so why not use him here?

  3. Nice choice. But that concept art looks like it’s from a roadside carnival, where someone used an airbrush to paint an off-model Dumbo-like elephant. Thankfully, the sculpted model is much better.

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  7. Maybe it has something to do with Minnie and Daisy being of the female persuasion. I think that Dumbo is a boy, but now that I think about it, I don’t know if they ever say in the movie weather the elephant is male or female?

    1. I think that I would have liked to see Ariel on the stern instead. it seems funny to me that even as mermaids have been so classically used on ships in the past that they would avoid this tradition all together.

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  11. Minnie is already aboard the ship as a high-class world traveler, so they wouldn’t have also had her at the stern. Daisy would only do that job if she were able to one-up Donald in his role as a stern painter on the Wonder.

  12. I think they chose Dumbo based on the name of the Ship, the Fantasy. When you are at Magic Kingdom, when you enter Fantasy Land, what’s the 1st attraction you see, Dumbo! It just seems to fit the theme of “fantasy”, like Mickey Sorcerer worked perfectly on the Dream since he was “dreaming” while the Brooms worked in Fantasia. makes sense to me! :)

  13. “I think they chose Dumbo based on the name of the Ship, the Fantasy” – absolutely, that was my first thought as well. Can sb tell me where the pictures above have been taken?

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