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John Lasseter on BBC talks about Making Animated Films and Toy Story 4 Rumors

There’s a 2 minute video over on the BBC website with John Lasseter, director of Pixar’s Cars 2 and studio animation chief, talking about the process of making an animated film. Nothing new there really, but interesting how he compares it to ‘live action’ film making.

The clip is also notable for a brief deflection by Lasseter when asked about Toy Story 4, as announced by Tom Hanks. Lasseter was very coy and says only that nothing has been announced.

I would say that Lasseter was being very careful parsing his words there. It’s possible nothing is in the works in Emeryville, after all the toys have all pretty much finished their emotional arcs, but it’s also possible something is under way. If I was a betting man, I would say we haven’t seen the last of the Toy Story gain, but not in a feature film, just more animated shorts, like Hawaiian Vacation (which rocked, btw).

Watch the video yourself.