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Director Rob Minkoff talks The Lion King 3D

Director Rob Minkoff helped guide the Disney animated feature The Lion King as it revolutionized the animation industry, now he’s returned to make sure the 3D version meets his high standards. This interview with Minkoff on MovieWeb has peaked my interested.

I was very excited to see the film completed and on a big screen. It respected the original film, and gave it a cool factor, where you suddenly felt like you were in the world of the movie, which is what movies are trying to do anyway. That’s what you really want. You want the movie to suck you in so that you really feel you’re a part of it.

I don’t know about you, but that is exactly what I want from 3D. Since I don’t have Blu-Ray or 3D TV (I’ll probably still buy the DVD Combo pack though, I might get 3D TV in the future, you never know) I’ll have to make sure I get out to the theater to see The Lion King in 3D this fall.

Previously: Disney to release The Lion King in 3D in Theaters then on DVD.

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