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Commercial for Aulani

This summer, Disney introduces Aulani – a new Hawaiian Resort and spa unlike any other. The commercial “Aulani Magic” takes you on a tour of the magical, family-centric vacation destination. It is truly a family paradise… in paradise.

“Just a touch of magic?” I don’t know about that. Looks like a volcano of magic to me. Also not a single mention of Disney Vacation Club, which is a good thing. I do have to say that the narrator’s voice just doesn’t seem to capture the spirit of Aulani for me. But otherwise, a solid ad. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Commercial for Aulani”

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  3. Sorry, but these buildings are just plain ugly – too high, too massive. I´m not saying it´s easy to design sth with the necessary number of rooms if the space is as limited as it was in this case – but still, does it have to have “mass tourism” written all over it?

  4. Pretty but I feel like I read the first line of an essay and didn’t finish. What is different? How is this any different from other Hawaiian resorts? They all have pools and spas. They will make a real ad right?

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  7. I like it, not pushy, no mention of time share, because you won’t be pressured when you visit. It is different because it was conceived with the help of native Hawaii’ans, a lot of the design was based on native culture. Like the Animal Kingdom Lodge with the African artifacts and influence. I think Disney has done well, however, I can neither afford DVC nor rack rates there and for many the airfare to the islands is too much, I see a lot of rental vacancies.

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  9. Looks good to me.
    I’m so glad it’s not in the heart of Waikiki, but still close enough to head over for a visit.
    Hoping to use my DVC points to give it a try next year.

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