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Inside California Adventure’s Corn Dog Castle

Although I’m not 100 percent pleased with the expansion of the Paradise Pier theme of California Adventure, I am happy they managed to save the Corn Dog Castle. Corn Dogs from the Little Red Wagon inside Disneyland have always been one of my real pleasures and Corn Dog Castle is a close second that that experience.

A perfect video as you prepare for your Sunday brunch, eh?

What’s your favorite on-site snack at Disney’s theme parks?

7 thoughts on “Inside California Adventure’s Corn Dog Castle”

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  3. Not 100% pleased? I’m interested to know what your displeasure is.

    And my favorite Disney treat is the pumpkin fudge. BEST fudge in the world!!! (And, sadly, it’s only served October through December.)

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  6. Except Toy Story Midway Mania, Paradise Pier is very very boring. Worse yet, I’m not looking forward to Cars Land either. DCA needs more work.

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