Rapunzel and Flynn Meet the iPad, Viral Video

I am very seldom disappointed by Disney walk-around characters at the meet and greets. They do such a good job maintaining character, handling the little challenges that come with interacting with all sorts of guests, and enduring extremes of heat and humidity often while wearing costumes that are made for much cooler climates. One of the most unique challenges for characters is when they encounter technology from the modern day. A camera becomes a magic portal, a display becomes a magic slate, etc.

Here’s a video of two characters, Rapunzel and Flynn, from Disney’s latest animated film “Tangled” encountering a guest who wants them to sign their autographs on an iPad using a stylus.

I think the characters did a great job, don’t you. This video has had over 250,000 views so far, which I think qualifies it for viral video status.

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16 thoughts on “Rapunzel and Flynn Meet the iPad, Viral Video”

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  7. They did an awesome job. AS the mother of a 2 1/2 year old, I have seen this movie about 100 times since it came out on DVD in March. It is a great story, and I am glad to see the characters working so hard at keeping the magic alive for the kids:)

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