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Jim Cummings’ first encounter with Winnie the Pooh

Jim Cummings is the type of voice actor who turns up everywhere. Seriously. Check out his IMDB record and tell me you’re not surprised as some of his roles. Collider has an extensive interview with Cummings as he helps promote the new Winnie The Pooh film, where Cummings voices the title character. Not that he ever imagined he would provide the voice of Pooh, in fact, his early relationship with the bear was less than favorable.

I never read the books, as a kid. My first introduction would have been the movie. Of course, at that time, I would have been 10 years old, or something like that, and never, in a thousand years, would I have ever thought I would have grown up and become the voice behind Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too. In fact, my little brother was a Winnie the Pooh fan back then, and I would tease him and say, “Winnie the Pooh – that’s another word for poop. It’s Winnie the Poop. So there! How about that?” Now, the joke’s on me.

Lot’s more at Collider.

6 thoughts on “Jim Cummings’ first encounter with Winnie the Pooh”

  1. This reminds me of a book I read that had a section that completely deconstructed Winnie the Pooh. Saying that he developed his craving for honey and subsequent weight gain because he was traumatized at being named after poop. :D

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