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New image of Merida from Brave

A few days ago I had images of three new characters up on the blog, but Disney asked that I remove them, and I did. Today there’s another leak, a new screenshot of Princess Merida, the story’s heroine. Here it is, this one looks more official; let’s see how long this one stays up.

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6 thoughts on “New image of Merida from Brave”

  1. Oh man, Disney is using you so bad and you don’t even realize it. Who do you think is leaking these photos?

    I work for another studio and we’d do this all the time. Leak something, get it pulled (to generate buzz), then “leak” something again. Do a quick Google blog search. There are over 20+ “leaked” images. That’s not a leak, it’s a flood.

    The rumor is that Pixar is being proactive with their leaks because of the negative attention “Cars 2” is getting. Words like “sell out” and “franchise” are being thrown around, since the development of this film has everything to do with helping Disney create a lifestyle brand for young boys, and less to do with story. The film, along with the consumer productions division and theme parks, are all resting heavily on this movie’s success.

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