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3 New Characters from Brave

Update: Alas, Disney-Pixar has asked that I remove the images. Too bad. They were gorgeous. I’m leaving the text and the early concept art since that was released pretty wide before.

The Pixar Blog was sent a special sneak peak at images of three new characters from Brave. These are the first chance we’ve had to see any character other than Princess Merida. No word if these are final versions of the characters or just concept art. However, they look fairly realized to me.

From left: Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), the “Wise Woman” (Julie Walters), and Lord Macintosh (Craig Ferguson).

Compare that image with this early concept art from The Bear and The Bow which, of course, later became Brave:

What do you think? I love them and can tell already that Lord Macintosh is going to be a hoot. I think I might be detecting some Hayao Miyazaki influence too. I’m excited to see Pixar tackle its first Fantasy film.

Update: The Pixar Blog has removed his original post. So the link below no longer works.

(via The Pixar Blog)

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