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Disney Starlette System Raising Health Concerns

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez are two recent products of the Disney Channel’s production line that generates young stars for public consumption across multiple platforms. A recent article in Celebrity Health & Fitness questions if that Disney Channel Teen machine is good for the health of these young stars (and those who watch them devotedly). Both Lovato and Gomez report that the stress of the job has caused eating disorders and other health issues.

Earlier this week a story featured Raven Symone telling the Wendy Williams show that she had an eating disorder too and that her weight issues were a direct result of the stress that came from carrying a show, and the responsibility for dozens of jobs that only existed because of the show, on her young shoulders.

This is a serious issue that I hope the Disney Company will address head-on. Not just behind the scenes with its actors, but on TV with PSA’s stressing the importance of eating right and seeing someone if an eating order is suspected. A little awareness could go a long way in situations like this.

10 thoughts on “Disney Starlette System Raising Health Concerns”

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  5. Putting Selena Gomez and her “this week I ate too much junk food that made me sick” together with Demi Lovato & Raven with their eating disorders is like confusing a bad mood with bipolar disorder. Shaking my head. Hope that Demi and Raven have the power to stay strong and fight their serious problem – they have been strong enough to admit it and try to help other people in the same boat.

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